Kaminario All Flash Array - Under $2 Per GB!

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Our partner Dataridge is now an authorized reseller of Kaminario, all flash arrays.

Here is the latest from Kaminario.

You are tasked with assessing the All-Flash Array solutions out there and see if they fit your requirements in 2016 so why not get a GoPro under-water camera while doing it?

Simply put, our architecture’s ability to Scale Up (capacity) and Out (performance) is very unique and our efficiency/price points for the K2 All-Flash Arrays are second to none. Our “Perpetual Array” means no more disruptive forklift upgrades no matter what changes come and at a $1-2/GB usable even general purpose data can now affordably be on SSDs – You need to learn more about Kaminario!

Give us 45 minutes to provide you with a deep technical dive as to why we are superior to all other AFAs costing twice as much and we will give you a GoPro Camera to take home. Can’t accept a camera – then let’s make it a lunch and learn.

It’s a win/win, we get to brag about how cool our AFA is and you get to film your kids under-water. Summer is coming – let’s meet soon!

Call or email us to set up a mutually beneficial time.

Contact sales@geeksultant.com or call us at 770-559-1492 to get setup with the right Kaminario sales rep for your area!

For more info on the product --> www.kaminario.com