Alert - Scam Warning - Microsoft error #268d3 with Internet Explorer

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UPDATE 7-01-2016 - Please do not call our phone line or use the Geeksultant Support portal for this issue if you are not a Geeksultant customer. We published this information as a courtesy. If you have this issue, please read the article below which includes the remedy to fix the issue. Thank you The Geeksultant

Alert! If you get an error on your Windows PC that looks like the above, DO NOT under any circumstance contact the phone number on that screen. It's a SCAM to take your money. You will not be able to close the window, it will keep popping up. If you get this error, you'll need to kill the Internet Explorer processes that have spawned.

1. Rright click on your Windows Taskbar
2. Click on TASK MANAGER
3. In the TASK MANAGER, click on DETAILS
4. Find all processes called INTERNET EXPLORER
5. Right click each one and choose END TASK

Some of them will not end. Once you find the first one, that was your original I.E. session, it will close all of the others with it.

The only online resource found so far is -->