Want To Cut Your Oracle Licensing Costs In Half?

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Let's face it, a Oracle server farm can eat you out of house and home. If you require high end performance, you'll need extra servers (more CPU and RAM), more storage, faster network and don't forget the additional Oracle licenses for each new server. It's an expensive proposition. The big question is, which part of the equation do you pay more attention to for that high end performance? Simple, it's your database storage. You can have the fastest CPU's, the fastest RAM and the fastest Network. It's all moot unless the back end storage can meet the requirements and run as fast as all of those other components.

Kaminario to the rescue.

Kaminario is all flash, all the time SAN storage that runs at your infrastructure speeds. Kaminario has shown that Oracle costs, (software, hardware and licensing), can be reduced by as much as 50% annually.

.... and yes, they even have real world examples and white papers that prove that point.

The best part? How about less that $1 per GB for ALL FLASH storage? No spinning disk, no hybrid arrays.

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