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Yes, it's true, I served in the military. 1982 through 1991. I served in the Navy and was honorably discharged after 9 years as an Electronic Warfare Technician at the rank of First Class Petty Officer (E-6).

I started my naval career in 1982 as a Seaman Recruit (E-1) at Great Lakes, Illinois. By the way, as any sailor who went to boot camp there can attest, there is no "noise" in "Illinois". Just in case you were wondering.

After leaving recruit training in November of 1982, I found myself on-board the USS Kalamazoo, AOR-6, a replenishment oiler. I served in 2nd division, a deck division. That meant I painted haze gray paint, red lead primer and yellow zinc chromate (for aluminum), operated needle guns and knuckle busters, pulled mooring lines and performed dangerous work in providing underway replenishment to other naval vessels including aircraft carriers.

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After having completed two Mediterranean six month long cruises in 1982 and 1983, I ended up in Pensacola - Florida for EW (Electronic Warfare) training.

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After that, I served on the USS Dewey, DDG-45, USS William V. Pratt, DDG-44 and USS Semmes, DDG-18. I also worked at NSGA - Naval Security Group Activity in Charleston SC, providing training and briefings to naval personnel including Captains, Commodores and Admirals on Electronic Warfare matters. Just short of 10 years I left the service with an honorable discharge in 1991 as a First Class Petty Officer.