Let's Talk about Rates

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Have you ever priced Citrix Consulting Services? CCS? Their rates start at $275 per hour. Truth be told, they do include travel in that price, and you are getting Citrix's best engineers and architects. But, you are paying for it. How about a third party VAR? Value Added Re-seller? They start at $185 per hour for a junior engineer. Looking for an architect level resource that can design the right solution for your needs? You are looking at $225 per hour or higher. Now, let's talk about Kai Guettner and Geeksultant. How about guaranteed pricing, for an architect level consultant, that has been working with Citrix products since 1998? How about rates below those that Citrix publishes? How about rates below the 3rd party VAR? Let's talk. 770-559-1492.