1000's of NetScaler Still Vulnerable To Attack

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If you have Citrix NetScalers in your environment, and you did not mitigate for the CVE-2019-19781 vulnerability prior to early January, the chances that your NetScaler has been compromised is probably 99%. I have recently helped multiple customers secure their NetScalers and remove all found malicious code and backdoors. Even though these units scan clean, Citrix is now recommending a full wipe and replace of the core operating system. For VPX, the virtual units, this is accomplished much easier than with physical MPX and SDX units. Those may require assistance from Citrix directly and may even require the hard drives to be replaced from Citrix with new ones that have the latest secured firmware already embedded on them. If you are unsure about the status of your NetScalers, please reach out to us or Citrix directly to have them checked, and if required, mitigated.

Geeksultant's certified and experienced Citrix consultants can work with you to identify if you are at risk, if you have been compromised and help mitigate any malicious code on your devices.

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