2020 - Will Christmas Cards and Gifts Make It To Business Employees?

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Every year, Geeksultant mails out a large quantity of Christmas cards and gifts to business partner companies, their employees and customers alike.

Usually the are sent to the company address with the old, "Attn To:" line.

Will this work in 2020, with so many employees working from home? Have businesses created plans to make sure employees receive such mail if they are not coming to the office?

To address that issue, this year, Geeksultant is going 100% virtual with cards and gifts.

We are sending Christmas cards via Hallmark and Blue Mountain, two online retailers who have the ability to send E-Cards.

For gifts, instead of the usual candy or fruit basket to the office staff, we are sending gift cards from online retailers.

2020, it's a different holiday season for sure and we all have to adapt.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours!

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