My Naval History

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Several people recently asked about my time in the Navy. Thought I'd share some facts about that.

I served in the US Navy from June 1982 to January 1991.

I worked my way from E1, Seaman Recruit, to E6, First class Petty Officer in 5 years. Started out as a seaman working in the deck division. Spent 3 years painting haze gray paint while hanging from a Boatswain chair, 100 plus feet above the water, learned how to lay tile, fix aluminum and steel bulkheads, how to perform underway replenishment of a US warship steaming along at 16 knots. Served on the USS Kalamazoo, AOR 6, the USS William V. Pratt, DDG 44, the USS Dewey DDG 45, the USS Semmes, DDG 18 and even spent some time on board the USS Nimitz, Aircraft Carrier. Was stationed in Great Lakes, IL, Norfolk, VA, Charleston, SC, Orlando FL and Pensacola, FL. Went to Basic Electricity and Electronics School and Electronic Warfare class A school. Graduated with high marks and outstanding distinction from both. Eventually becoming a EW1. Electronic Warfare, Petty Officer First class.

I served for 8.5 years leaving the military behind in 1991. I earned the Good Conduct Medal, the Expeditionary Medal, the Humanitarian Medal, Sharp Shooter Ribbon, Sea Service Ribbon and Battle Excellence Ribbon. As part of my sea cruises on board these ships, I was fortunate to spend time in places such as Rota Spain, Barcelona Spain, Lisbon Portugal, Athens Greece, Gaeta Italy, Toulon France, Nassau Bahamas, San Juan Puerto Rico, Guantanamo Bay Cuba, St. Croix Virgin Islands and Bermuda, Below is a picture of my Naval Career all tidy in a shadow box.