Citrix VDI Once Again Beats VMware VDI

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Obviously, take with a grain of salt - this is a Citrix sponsored report.

However, based on my own experience, the Citrix XenDesktop VDI platform does offer more features and better performance due to technologies like FrameHawk and Citrix Universal Printing. XenDesktop performs better over high latency/low bandwidth connections, prints faster and scales better. If your VDI needs are internal only, all running on 1 Gbps network speeds or faster, and you only need support for basic applications such as Office and IE, then VMware Horizon View 6.x could meet those needs. If your requirements are more real world, such as remote users with crappy bandwidth, Thin Clients that require USB - Camera or Serial port pass-thru, users that require apps with 3D graphics needs and such - then XenDesktop or XenApp are the products you want to use today.

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