Citrix NetScaler - ADC - Exploit # CVE-2019-19781 PATCH NOW!


Citrix has released a security bulletin, # CVE-2019-19781.

More info here -->

*** NOTICE: You need to patch your systems ASAP - We have customers reporting being exploited by this vulnerability! ***

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How To Setup a Jump Server With Old Version of Java for Older Version NetScaler GUI access


Yesterday, while trying to review the GUI configuration on a NetScaler running firmware 10.1, I was
unable to access it from any modern browser (IE 11, Edge, Chrome and Firefox) or the current 8.x
version of Java. Tried from my Windows 10 workstation and from some 2012R2 and 2008R2 servers.
To access the NetScaler GUI with these older version of 10.x and prior firmware, you’ll need a 7.x Java
version and IE 11 (with no updates) or earlier.

Here is how I finally created a jump server that works.

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