Office 365 Upgrade to 2016 - Not a Pleasant Experience

The Geeksultant's picture

Thanks Microsoft. Your Office 365 upgrade for 2016 failed miserably. Not only does the 2016 version not work, my existing 2013 version is dead as well. Thanks, just what I wanted to do today. Uninstall all versions of office, re-install 2013 (not trying the 2016 version again), re-enter all of my connections ( I have four email accounts to monitor) and hope that my PST files are still local and usable. Yes, I have backups, but still, who wants to go through all of that? Oh, and don't get me started that it wants me to re-enter the product key from when I installed Office 2013 3 years ago. Now, where is that key anyway? Crap.