Get Your Own My-Car-Club Car/Auto Club Website!

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Do you belong to a car/auto club? Do they have a website? Is it static? Is it dynamic? Is it engaging?

Is your club site old and tired? Are your club members being engaged? Are you getting more complaints about your website than praise?

Does your car club site have the following:

Events Calendar with Registration (a place to add upcoming events and allow users to register)
Member Profiles (with pictures of the member, their spouse or significant other, pictures of their cars)
Forums (a place for members to discuss their club, provide knowledge, sell parts or cars)
Club News Feed (latest club news and happenings)
Media Outlet News (latest car news from major news outlets, magazines and other forums)
Picture Galleries (images from past club events, cruises, car shows)

If you don't have all of the above features and more, then you need a My-Car-Club website!.

Why My-Car-Club from Geeksultant?

Easy, we provide all of the above, along with hosting the site, acquiring or transferring your site name, site maintenance and support all for a reasonable monthly fee.



We host your site and you maintain it using our customizable car club site Content Management System template. You are responsible for all content and all site maintenance.


All of the Silver package plus we provide site maintenance, updates and patches for your site and 9 to 5 (eastern) support.


All of the Gold package features plus extended support hours (6 am to 10 pm eastern) and we'll keep relevant content fresh on your site as well. You'll still provide your own content specific to your club.

Test Drive Our Product!

To see a demo of the My Car Club website, go to and click on APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP. We'll create a test account for you and let you test drive the demo site.

For pricing - contact us at 770-559-1492 or