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Geeksultant now offers a new service - TIaaS - Technical Interview as a Service. Yep, I just made that up. Well, the acronym. The service is real. Have you ever hired someone for your Citrix, Microsoft or VMware team, only to find out three weeks later they really don't know the technical aspects of their position that you hired them for? Or perhaps you need to hire someone with specific technical skills, but really have no one internally to interview them and end up having to rely on the recruiters word that they are the right fit.

This is where Geeksultant can be of service. Kai Guettner, owner and principal consultant, has 30+ years of experience around technologies such as Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. Not only does he hold multiple certifications, he's also been involved in writing exams for many of those same products. Kai has been on both sides of the equation. One, as a prospect looking to be hired for a technical position, and two, as an employer trying to hire someone for a technical position.

Geeksultant's new Technical Interview process takes the guesswork out of finding that needle in the haystack.

Currently, Geeksultant can help with technical interviews for Citrix, Microsoft and VMware administrators and engineers.

How does this service work?

1. You identify the technical requirements of the position you need to fill
2. You perform an initial phone interview with the candidate
3. Geeksultant will perform a highly detailed technical phone interview with the candidate
4. Optionally, Geeksultant will perform a shared virtual technical session where the candidate will be asked to perform common tasks in a lab environment
5. Geeksultant will provide you with a 1 to 10 score card for each area of the interview along with a recommendation based on the candidates abilities

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