Citrix UPM (User Profile Management) can now cache Outlook OST Files

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One of the biggest headaches with VDI, is the issue of what to do with the Outlook Cached Exchange OST file. Choices are limited - keep it in the profile - which will cause profile bloat and performance issues, or move it to a file share, which eventually becomes a storage performance issue depending on the size of the user base. Don't even get me started with Office 365 (O365) and the direct connection mode to the Exchange mailboxes in the O365 cloud. Horrible performance from within any VDI environment.

Third party solutions, such as FSLogix (, can easily mitigate these issues, but at an added cost.

Citrix to the rescue! Starting with UPM 7.18, released in July, UPM now addresses this real world issue to some degree (There are short comings).

Currently, only Outlook 2016 32-bit version is supported with the Outlook cache and Outlook search index feature.
The feature is not supported for concurrent sessions on multiple machines.

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