What you do today, will have a lasting impact on what happens tomorrow

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I believe it was Jeff Bezos that said something like, "If we had a good quarter, it wasn't what we did that quarter but rather what we did right 3 or 4 years ago." Couldn't agree more. Building a business isn't about what happens today or even tomorrow. It's about what happens in the future, weeks, months and even years down the road. What we do today, will affect how customers perceive us in the times ahead of us. Treat your customers with respect. Give them a good deal when you can and always treat them fair on all deals. When a competitor underbids you, remind your customer of the great service you've provided in the past, that you will continue that level of service and that you hope to continue your relationship with them. Does it make sense for you to take a loss and meet the other competitor's offer? Remember this, the minute you provide that lower offer, the customer may hold you to that level of pricing in the future. You've heard it before, "Well, I got 40% off last time ...."

I always provide fair pricing and I hold firm. Why? Because of the value-add I provide in addition to the sale. Sometimes, you have to remind your customers why they should trust that they are getting the best bang for the buck. In the end, I am not an order taker. I am a solutions provider. My customers understand this, respect and appreciate it. I may not always be the cheapest, but every deal I work, I bring my "A" game for my customers. You can't win them all, but the ones you win should be worth it.