Computer Viruses in the Wild - Oh My!

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If all of the malicious computer viruses that crop up each day aren't enough, recently, several new computer Viruses were declared to be in the wild. After some investigative efforts and further digging, one comes to realize that many of these viruses were "Lab Created." It seems that security firms and anti-virus software vendors are creating their own market. I mean, really? How in God's name did your "Lab Created" virus get out? Shouldn't you be operating on a closed system when you test computer viruses? You know, no network connectivity, no WiFi, no Bluetooth, no Ethernet and no SAN connectivity? It reminds me of the Mission Impossible movie, where Tom Cruise, aka Ethan Hunt, and his team broke into the CIA to get to an isolated room and computer system to steal information. Their only option was to break in as the system was 100% disconnected from the internet. Isn't that the level of effort that should be required to "break out" a virus that was supposedly only created for testing and study purposes?

Whether intentional or not, it's this level of blatant disregard of protocols that has not only plagued Anti Virus vendors but biological laboratories such as the Army and the CDC as well.

Protocols are put in place for a reason. If lab technicians cannot follow these rules, then they should be fired and have their ability to further cause harm curtailed. Yes, I am saying they should no longer be allowed to work in such an environment if they are unable to follow safety protocols.

Who said that? I did, The Geeksultant.