SQL Server 2005 Extended Support ends on April 12th

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Yep, you read correct. SQL Server 2005 Extended Support ends on April 12th 2016. Mainstream support has already ended and the extended support option is just about out of steam.

Before you lose support, call Geeksultant so that we can help and assist you in architecting, planning and migrating your data to a newer version of SQL.

Why move to SQL 2014?

• Payback in 9.5 months*
• Runs up to 13X faster than SQL Server 2005**
• Security first: supported, compliant database platform—least vulnerable six years in a row***

Call us at 770-559-1492 or email us at sales@geeksultant.com

*Forrester Consulting, The Total Economic Impact(TM) of Microsoft SQL Server, a commissioned study conducted on behalf of Microsoft, July 2014
**13x gain based on TPC-E benchmark results published for SQL Server 2014 (www.tpc.org/4069), SQL Server 2005 (www.tpc.org/4001) as of 10/8/14.
***National Instituteof Standards and Technology Comprehensive Vulnerability Database 4/17/2013