Current Rates (2024)

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Competitor Consulting Rates for 2024
Our rates are significantly lower than current 3rd party consultants, professional services providers and Citrix Consulting and Citrix White Glove support. Good news for 2024! Our rates have not increased. Our 2024 rates are the same as 2023's rates. Geeksultant - always the best value !
Other Provider Rates
3rd Party Rates
Checked January 2024
$250/hour and up
CCS - Citrix Consulting Services
Citrix White Glove Support
Checked December 2023 $325/hour and up
  Geeksultant Rates
Type Non Retainer Rate Retainer Rate*
Standard Business hours
8 am - 6 pm - M – F
Call for rate Call for rate*
Extended Business hours
6 pm - 8 am - M – F
Saturday & Sunday
1.5 times base rate Negotiated per contract
Holiday Hours 2 times base rate Negotiated per contract
* Retainer rates requires an annual contract and minimum retainer deposit
    Rates and Terms Subject to change with prior notification