New XenApp 7.8 Features

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Are you still on the fence on upgrading your Presentation 4.x or XenApp 5.x or 6.x infrastructure? Now is the time to do it! The performance enhancements and new features of XenApp and XenDesktop 7.8 are incredible.

Key Features:

Simplifying app management by layering apps with AppDisk

Integrated AppDNA compatibility testing for AppDisk

Seamlessly manage Microsoft App-V packages from Studio

Improved app publishing experience

Expanded app store administration from StoreFront console

Enhanced graphics performance for virtual desktops

Higher scalability for innovative Framehawk technology

Independently resolve account issues without calling the helpdesk

Simplifying the virtualization of select healthcare apps

New Secure Browser

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As always, you can rely on Geeksultant to help you architect and engineer a new 7.8 deployment and migrate your applications and users.

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