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Kai has over 30 years of experience in the arena of information technology, including nine (9) years as a U.S. Navy Electronic Warfare Technician, Ten years of experience as a Senior Systems Engineer, and an additional 11 years’ experience as a Senior Consultant. Kai’s background also includes international experience, both within the military and as a civilian contractor. In his current position as owner of and consultant at Geeksultant.com, Kai is involved in pre-sales consulting, systems architecture and infrastructure design and implementation services for clients ranging from the SMB market all the way up to fortune 500 and 100 companies.

Much of Kai's expertise is focused on virtualization technologies, built on a number of product platforms including Citrix, Microsoft and VMware.

Kai specializes in architecting, implementing and supporting VMware and Citrix infrastructure environments including VMware Vsphere, Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix XenServer and Citrix Netscaler products. He also has an extensive knowledge of industry leading hardware and software solutions as a result of years of experience acquired in the field.

Kai has become a subject-matter expert (SME) on Microsoft Server products, VMware ESX, ESXi, & VSphere along with Citrix application virtualization solutions. He possesses extensive experience in the Microsoft Family of Operating Systems as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) starting with Windows NT 3.51/4.0 and running through the latest release of Windows 2008 R2 and Server 2012 R2.

Kai also has over fifteen years of experience as a Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA), and is extremely proficient with the Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, XenServer and Netscaler lines of products. In 2011, he was invited by Citrix Headquarters to participate in the XenApp 6.5 certification exam writing seminar. He helped design the 2011 XenApp 6.5 Citrix Certified Administrator Exam (CCA), the 2011 XenApp 6.5 Citrix Advanced Administrator exam (CCAA) and the 2011 Citrix XenApp 6.5 Enterprise Engineer exam (CCEE). Having been chosen from among thousands of applicants and participated with a team of 16 international SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) from around the world in designing the new exams. Rounding out his experience with a working knowledge of products including Dell, HP, IBM hardware, NetApp and NexSan Storage Area Networks, Brocade fiber switches, third party monitoring tools, Anti-Virus and backup solutions from top tier vendors. Kai currently holds the highest level of Citrix certifications, CCEE, Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer, CCIA, Citrix Certified Integration Architect, CCE-AD, Citrix Certified Expert Apps and Desktops and CCP-N - Citrix Certified Professional - Networking.

Kai's diverse background and experience includes engagements with companies such as Hoffman La Roche Pharmaceuticals, Halliburton, Inc., Brown & Root, Inc., The US Navy, Westinghouse, Inc. Bank of America, Kaplan Education, Manheim, Coca-Cola and many lesser known entities.

Data Center Architect & Citrix Consultant, Geeksultant – Lawrenceville, GA - Technology Consulting Firm

Kai works in a consulting capacity with Geeksultant in the Atlanta, GA area and is responsible for all things Citrix. Primary roles included architecting and engineering Citrix environments for clients such as Coca Cola, Bank of America, Manheim Auctions and many others. He provides full life cycle support from pre-sales engineering to installation support to back-end troubleshooting support beyond the sale. He also acts as a liaison between customers and Citrix to ensure that customers are provided with the best value for their investments.

Previous Positions held

Consultant - ProSys Information Systems - Norcross, GA - VAR

Kai managed the virtualization team at ProSys, providing guidance and mentoring to team members, acted as the senior pre-sales resource for all virtualization accounts and supported field operations. Kai provided training to internal staff as well as to customers. Kai helped grow the Citrix business from $500k per year in 2011, to $5.5m in 2014. A growth of 1100% over 3 years. His service team members were on average, billable for 70% of their time. Kai was also instrumental in getting ProSys named as a Citrix Platinum partner and more importantly, one of only eight national partners with Citrix.

Senior Systems Engineer – Prime Care Technologies, Inc – Duluth, GA - Hosting & Healthcare Industries

Kai served as the SME (Subject Matter Expert) for all Citrix and VMware projects. He was responsible for architecting the VMware and Citrix infrastructure for Prime Care Technologies, Inc. and its clients in the healthcare industry. Created a turnkey virtual environment based on Citrix XenApp5 running on VMware Vshpere 4. The entire system, from front end Citrix Netscalers, Citrix Access Gateways, and Citrix Secure Gateways, to the backend Citrix farm servers, was comprised entirely of virtual machines and appliances. By leveraging Citrix’s line of VPX virtual appliances, cost savings were quickly realized for both Prime Care Technologies and its clientele.

Senior Systems Administrator – PBS&J - Atlanta, GA - Architecture, Design & Construction Industries

PBS&J, one of the five largest architecture companies in the United States, with 5000 employees worldwide, hired Kai to stabilize and upgrade their aging legacy Citrix environment. Utilizing the latest HP C7000 blade chassis technology, with 10 Gb fiber up-links to a Cisco Nexus 7000 network backbone and tied to a NetApp high speed FibreDisk SAN, Mr. Guettner architected and constructed a new virtual environment that allowed PBS&J to easily upgrade their legacy servers, increase performance and stabilize their environment. According to Amauris Rodriquez, Information Technology Infrastructure Manager, “Kai's efforts provided an environment that allowed seamless transition from physical servers to virtual servers without the end users even being aware of the change.”

Senior Consultant, Samurai Communications, LLC – Columbia SC - Small Business Information Technology Consulting

Kai served as the lead consultant for the small business division of Samurai Communications, LLC. His focus was in delivering enterprise level support and products to small businesses. Directly involved in the pre-sales process, the installation process and the post sales support process. Microsoft Small Business Server, Citrix Metaframe and Presentation Server products were leveraged to allow the small business to operate on the same I.T. platforms as fortune 500 companies.

Assistant Administrative Manager, Halliburton Corporation, Various Locations - Architecture, Design & Construction Industries

After the first gulf war ended in 1991, Kai was asked to join a team of Brown & Root Services Corporation employees to setup and establish an office and I.T. infrastructure in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia in support of the U.S. Army Ammunition Retrograde Project. Utilizing locally available Compaq hardware and a company provided satellite data uplink, Kai and his team were able to establish a remote VPN connection between the Houston home office and the remote location. Users in Al-Khobar were able to upload and retrieve files, send and receive communications and access the corporate mainframe and file servers. Working with a set of programmers, he helped develop a data capture application that was used to track and report on U.S. and Iraqi ammunition that the company was tasked with returning from Saudi Arabia back to U.S. ammunition depots around the world.

United States Navy, Various Locations - Electronic Warfare Technician

Kai spent 9 years serving in the armed forces of the United States. During his Naval career, he was trained as an Electronic Warfare Technician achieving distinguished honors. As an Electronic Warfare Technician, he had continues access to the latest computer technology available at that time. He was not only proficient in the operation of the required equipment, but also in its repair. He also completed a Zenith Micro Computer repair course and a NASA sponsored Micro Miniature Electronic Repair course. During the years that Kai served upon sea faring vessels such as destroyers and guided missile cruisers, he was intimately involved in the Navy’s rollout of the SNAP II (Shipboard Non-Tactical Automated Data Processing) system. The function of the SNAP II system was to provide automated administrative support to fleet ships through the following SNAP II applications software modules: Supply Interim Release (SIR), Supply and Financial Management (SFM), System Management Subsystem (SMS), Maintenance Data (MIX) and the Administrative Data Management (ADM) Subsystem. He was also involved in the network retrofit of the U.S. naval base in Charleston, SC. It was the first project of its kind on a U.S. Navy installation and involved the deployment of a thick Ethernet network base wide. Kai was the lead install technician and was officially recognized for his efforts.

Affiliations / Organizations

GoGo Inflight Advisory Panel
MSPRP – Microsoft Partner Research Panel
Citrix SMEhub – Subject Matter Expert Panel
Citrix PTEC - Partner Technical Engineering Council