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We built our core services around EUC - End User Computing (Citrix Virtual Apps, Desktops, Citrix DaaS, Azure AVD, Microsoft RDP, VMware Horizon View) ....and we have expanded from there to include Networking, Cloud and other products.

Every project needs a well rounded engineer or architect to ensure that the project roll-out is painless and built to industry standard best practices. But let us be realistic. Not every company can afford, or needs to employ, a full time engineer or architect. This is when and where it makes sense to hire a professional like a Geeksultant.

Your Geeksultant will take your project to the next level while ensuring that security and compliance are not compromised. Before the project is completed, your Geeksultant will provide industry specific training to all members of the team including administrators, engineers and help desk personnel.


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Design & Implementation

With decades of experience, Geeksultant can architect, design
and implement any virtualization solution.  Are you in need of an expert that can guide your team to success?  Call now!
Systems Review & Assessment Have an existing virtualization product in use and want to make sure it was deployed correctly and is optimized for top performance?  Geeksultant has special deal around System Reviews and Assessments.  Call or email today!
Upgrades & Migrations Unsure of how to handle upgrading your legacy virtualization products to new versions?  Want to ensure minimum downtime?  Geeksultant has done hundreds of migrations and upgrades over the years.  We are experts. 
Hypervisor (formerly XenServer) Virtualization
Looking to leverage the free XenServer licenses you get with every purchase of
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops?  Looking to move to Citrix
Hypervisor from Hyper-V or VSphere?  Or, just add Citrix Hypervisor to run you Citrix products?  Geeksultant can help.
Citrix Virtual
Apps & Desktops ( formerly XenApp & XenDesktop)
Geeksultant can help support and
optimize your existing deployments and beyond.  Plus, if you are ready to upgrade, we're here for that too!
Virtualization and Active Directory Integration Looking to integrate a virtualization or VDI project with Microsoft AD?  Want to be able to use Citrix policies in GPO's rather than the Citrix Studio console? 
Need a 3rd party product to handle user profiles? Geeksulant can show the way.
VDI - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI - whether Citrix, VMware, Azure
AVD, or Microsoft RDP, simply means that you are moving the end user data and applicatons away from their device into the data center for central management and deployment.  If you are ready to leverage end users smart phones, tablets and replace aging PC's and workstations with thin clients, VDI might be the solution you need.  Call Geeksultant today.  We can help.
Citrix Netscaler
Netscaler - an Application Delivery Controller, or ADC device.  Netscaler does more that front end your Citrix installation and more than load balancing.  If you are ready to reduce web server sprawl, speed up http and https and provide applications with their own firewall, Netscaler is the product.  Geeksultant can help you leverage the many advanced features that most overlook.
Citrix Netscaler
ADC Gateway
Netscaler Gateway is either part of your Netscaler SDX, MPX or VPX, or can be purchases as a standalone Gateway VPX.  No matter which version you have, Geeksultant can install, configure or troubleshoot an existing issue.

Citrix Access Gateway (deprecated)

Access Gateway, the prior version to Netscaler Gateway, is still installed and in production for many customers.  If you need assistance with upgrading to Netscaler Gateway, or just help you mitigate existing problems, Geeksultant has the expertise to assist.
Citrix Profile Management

Microsoft FSLogix
Are you using Microsoft Active DIrectory and Roaming Profiles, or no profile management at all with your Citrix installation?  Geeksultant knows how to implement Citrix Profile Management
and FSLogix the right way.
Citrix Metaframe Farms
Metaframe, the predecessor to XenApp and Presentation Server, is a legacy product that went EOL (End of Life) quite a number of years ago.  Yet today, we still see installations especially in healthcare due to legacy applications.  Geeksultant can help you create a plan to move from this out of date platform to a newer product such as XenApp 7.6,
LTSR 7.15, LTSR 1912 and beyond.
Citrix XenApp Farms 
Have XenApp 5, 6 and 6.5 farms?  Geeksultant has the expertise to help you maintain and performance tune.  We can also get you on track to upgrade to the latest version of these products.  We're just an email or phone call away.
Citrix Branch Repeater 
Replaced by Citrix SD-WAN
Branch Repeater, now CloudBridge, is the smaller cousin to WanScaler and mostly installed at remote branches.  Whether it's troubleshooting an existing issue, or upgrading to CloudBridge, Geeksultant is the call you should make.
Citrix WanScaler 
Replaced by Citrix CloudBridge
WanScaler, now called CloudBridge is still in use around the Globe helping customers squeeze every byte of data out of their WAN connections.  Geeksultant has the experience to help you fix issues, tune the installation or help you upgrade to Cloudbridge
Citrix CloudBridge 
Replaced by Citrix SD-WAN
Not only can CloudBridge (now
called Citrix SD-WAN) connect your private and public clouds into one hybrid cloud, it can also offer WAN accelleration and even can help you leverage DSL, 4G and other internet circuits to replace costly telephone company circuits such as T1, T3, DS3 and more.  Call Geeksultant to find out more.
Citrix Edgesight 
Whether it's legacy Edgesight
(XenApp 6.5 and earlier) or the version integrated with Netscaler and
XenApp/Xendesktop 7.x, Geeksultant can help you get the info you need
out of Edgesight and move to Citrix Monitoring such as Citrix Director.
Citrix Netscaler Insight 
Replaced by Citrix ADM (on-prem and Cloud based)
Insight, working in conjunction with Desktop Director and your Netscaler, can provide you visibility into the actual network traffic of any users from endpoint to backend server.  No more guessing in the dark when users complain of issues.  You can easily pinpoint what, when and where.  Call Geeksultant today for more info and a demo.

Networking Products

We have expert resources that can handle the following products:

All products including servers & blades, ISE,
switches, routers, security, routers, WiFi, ESA

All products
All products (BigIP)
NetScaler ADC, SDWan
Email gateways and all other product
All products
Many other vendors
Call and ask us if we cover your need


We have expert resources that can handle the following cloud products:

On-prem to cloud migrations, net new builds, Azure AD, Azure MFA, Azure blob and other storage solutions
On-prem to cloud migrations, net new builds
Citrix Cloud, all products, 100% cloud and
hybrid installations
On-prem Exchange to O365/M365 migrations, Azure
AD and Azure MFA integrations