Citrix Synergy 2017 - Did You Miss It Like I Did?

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Sad but true. For years, I have attended Citrix Summit (Partners) and Citrix Synergy (Customers). Both are worthy events to attend. This year my plans went awry due to some customers wanting actual work done by me. My wife, "You get paid for that, right?" So, yes, paid work trumps conferences any day of the week. No complaints here! It's good to stay busy. But, I do enjoy the show that Citrix and its vendor partners put on every year. I hated to have missed it this year. Good thing is, it's 2017 and everything gets recorded now. Case in point, Citrix Synergy TV. You can watch it all online. From keynotes to presentations. Have at it my friends! Oh, and stay thirsty!


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