NetScaler Classic Policies To Be Fully Deprecated by Q2 2019

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If you have created custom policies on your NetScaler, or are using classic policies for authentication, pre-authentication, LDAP, Radius, guess what? By Q2 2019, if you upgrade your NetScaler firmware at that time to a new version, your old classic policies will no longer be supported by the new firmware. For large NetScaler shops this will be a huge change and require a complete programming overhaul of all policies in use on the NetScaler prior to upgrading to a new firmware version with a date in Q2 or later.

Personally, I don't think Citrix has done enough to inform customers of this new requirement. This will be a huge change. One I can think of in particular will be two factor integration for authentication. Most 3rd party two factor vendors have how-to articles utilizing NetScaler classic polices. Most do not have those same articles for using the new nFactor advanced policies in NetScaler.

Some customers who upgrade in the future, if unaware of this requirement, may find themselves with unusable NetScalers.

Citrix does have an article out which lists which versions started to deprecate classic polices and when they'll no longer support them.

If you plan to upgrade your NetScalers to new firmware in 2019, make sure to review the new requirements.

As always, Geeksultant stands ready to support customers with these new requirements.

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