Veterans Day 2015 - My Thoughts

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Wednesday, November 11th is Veterans Day for 2015 and I wanted to share my thoughts. I served in the Navy from 1982 through 1991 and have a firm respect for veterans and active duty personnel alike.

This past Saturday, in Atlanta, was to be the annual Veterans Day Parade. The forecast was for 100% rain. Our Corvette club, Amazing Corvettes Club (, had offered Corvettes for dignitaries to ride in. Even with the pending bad weather, each and every club member who had offered to drive, was planning to show up. Many of us are veterans and understand the sacrifices that have been made. We can get our Corvettes wet. They won't melt.

So, as planned, early that morning, our club assembled to make the drive into Atlanta for the parade. As we waited for several other cars to arrive, we got word the parade has been cancelled due to the thunderstorms and lightening. Instead of complaining, we decided to head across the street to have breakfast together at the local Waffle House. We parked our Corvettes across the back lane of the parking lot facing the front of the restaurant. During our meal, several of the waitresses, cooks and patrons commented on our Corvettes. Upon leaving, to show our appreciation, we did a small parade through the parking lot on our way out. The people inside the Waffle House all stood at the window to watch. Big smiles and waving hands everywhere. To them, it was a magical moment. Sometimes, it is the commitment and thought that counts, and sometimes it's your actions that count.

The same is true in the I.T. world. You can't win every contract, every project. Even if failure is the outcome, your commitment to the effort should be 100%. Others will notice and the next time, your proposal might be the one that is chosen. Your commitment to the process and positive thought about the process will go a long way to making you and your business successful. Treat customers the way you want to be treated. With honesty and fairness.

My final thought for Veterans Day 2015.

"To those that have not served, never forget, your freedom came with a price. Paid by those who have served. God bless these United States of America and its Veterans."