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For the month of December, we are running our "21 for 2016 special!" Geeksultant has limited slots available for GRP, our Geeksultant Retainer Program.

What is GRP?

GRP is our offering to help you and your business fill the gap between your current I.T. staff, vendor support and having to call in an expert at $200+ per hour. Most businesses cannot afford to hire a full time senior systems engineer or architect. Plus, if you do hire one, what is you return of investment on this high end individual? Most companies have a solid administrator and help desk staff with possibly a junior to middle level engineer to back up those resources.. Many of these individuals are generalists and not specialists. What happens when your Citrix, VMware or Microsoft environment starts to have issues or even goes down? Does your current staff have the expertise to handle such situations? Are your vendor support agreements up-to-date and are they comprehensive enough to help you weather unanticipated issues or failures? What will you do when you need an expert around your virtualization platforms such as Citrix, Microsoft and VMware? Is there someone you can call that will be your "Johnny on the spot?" This is where Kai Guettner and Geeksultant can be your "Ace in the hole!"

The Geeksultant Retainer Program provides you with all of the following.

1. An Industry Subject Matter Expert on call with:

     - 30+ years of I.T. Consulting Experience
     - 20+ years of Citrix Specific Expertise
     - 25+ years of Microsoft Expertise
     - 15+ years of VMware Expertise

2. Same Day support for emergencies

3. Guaranteed monthly support hours

     - 15 hours a month included in base monthly retainer payment
     - Discounted hourly rate over 15 hours per month

4. Pro-active support

     - Geeksultant will keep an eye on your environment remotely, ensuring optimum up-time and performance
     - Geeksultant will ensure that your covered software is upgraded to more secure and faster versions
      as they become available
     - Geeksultant will recommend additional 3rd party products that would provide better ease of use,
      better performance and better security

5. Training of your staff to become more familiar with and more confident with your I.T. environment

6. Long term planning to include when and where to upgrade to newer technology

7. Peace of mind that you have a top level expert on staff and only a phone call away

     - Geeksultant and Kai Guettner have been trusted by hundreds of businesses over the years to support,
      maintain and grow their I.T. infrastructures

Why wait until you have an emergency, a downed system or end users who are clogging up the help desk line?

In 2016, don't you owe it to yourself and your company to get out in front of the I.T. issues you know you'll face in the coming year?

Call Kai today to discuss the GRP offering.

The "21 for 2016" Offer:


GRP is an annual, monthly pre-paid retainer program. If you sign up prior to 12/31/2015, the special rate for 2016 will be $2100 per month which will include 15 hours of guaranteed support with discounted hours at $125/hour over the base 15 hours per month. First payment is due 1/1/2016 and due again each month thereafter for a period of 12 months. Program cost is non refundable. Unused hours do not roll over. Program can be cancelled at any time with 60 days prior written notice. Payments during the 60 days are due and considered payable. GRP is renewable annually. Rate will increase to $2500/month after 12/31/2015.

For more info - call 1-770-559-1492 or email

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