Citrix XenApp 6.5 Going End of Live 6/30/2018 - Are You Prepared?

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If you haven't paid attention, Citrix is sun setting XenApp 6.5 this coming June 30th. No more extensions, no more long term support. Nada, done and gone.

Running a legacy product without vendor support can be a risky proposition. Let us help you regain a solid footing with your Citrix environment.

Geeksultant and our expert level and subject matter expert consultants can help you in upgrading your legacy Citrix environment to the newer 7.x platform.

You are just one call or one email away from getting started.

Call or email today - 770-559-1492 -

Don't wait before it's too late and you find yourself without vendor support.

Citrix has a great white paper on why it's time to upgrade -->