Citrix XenApp 6.5 Going End of Live 6/30/2018 - Are You Prepared?


If you haven't paid attention, Citrix is sun setting XenApp 6.5 this coming June 30th. No more extensions, no more long term support. Nada, done and gone.

Running a legacy product without vendor support can be a risky proposition. Let us help you regain a solid footing with your Citrix environment.

Geeksultant and our expert level and subject matter expert consultants can help you in upgrading your legacy Citrix environment to the newer 7.x platform.

You are just one call or one email away from getting started.

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Citrix Releases XenApp and XenDesktop 7.17


Citrix quietly released it's latest upgrade to the XenApp and XenDesktop product stack.

New Features:

Install and upgrade VDAs: VDA supportability tools option

Install and upgrade VDAs: Removal of PDF printer driver option

Launch applications from a published desktop

Federated Authentication Service

Director 7.17

PVS 7.17

StoreFront 3.14

Profile Management 7.17

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Geeksultant Now Part of Citrix Insiders


What is Citrix Insiders?

A new online panel of Citrix's valued customers and partners (like you) who participate in short research activities.

Get involved in product and concept feedback and ideation, online forums, and see how your feedback influences Citrix decisions.

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As always, for all of your Citrix, Microsoft and VMware needs, Geeksultant is your I.T. Consultant of Choice!

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How To Setup a Jump Server With Old Version of Java for Older Version NetScaler GUI access


Yesterday, while trying to review the GUI configuration on a NetScaler running firmware 10.1, I was
unable to access it from any modern browser (IE 11, Edge, Chrome and Firefox) or the current 8.x
version of Java. Tried from my Windows 10 workstation and from some 2012R2 and 2008R2 servers.
To access the NetScaler GUI with these older version of 10.x and prior firmware, you’ll need a 7.x Java
version and IE 11 (with no updates) or earlier.

Here is how I finally created a jump server that works.

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XenApp and XenDesktop - 60% Bandwidth Reduction is here!


Can you believe it? Citrix has announced that the very next version of XenApp and XenDesktop will have up to a 60% reduction in bandwidth?

This is incredible news and leap frogs VMware in one giant leap. This alone is enough to sway anyone looking for VDI today.

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Looking For a World Class Citrix Consultant?


Did you know that you can find Kai Guettner, The Geeksultant, on LinkedIn Pro Finder?

Check it out -->

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Citrix Acquires Unidesk!


Quietly, and behind the scenes, Citrix has acquired Unidesk, the leader in user profile, user experience and virtual application management.

A win - win for everybody. But, what happens to the Nordskale acquisition from earlier this year?

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Geeksultant Now Partnered With The Cumberland Group


Geeksultant is proud to announce our new affiliation as a business partner with The Cumberland ( group out of Atlanta, GA.

Geeksultant will provide the Cumberland Group and it's client base with ad-hoc Citrix, Microsoft and VMware engineering and architectural services.

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Cost Effective Hyper Converged Systems? Citrix Thinks So


Recently Citrix held their annual customer facing Synergy event in Las Vegas. The hot new topic? Hyper converged systems that include CPU, RAM, Storage, Networking and management in a single box with a single pane of glass for management.

Citrix has named several front runners as their go-to-partners. Nutanix, Atlantis, Dell, Cisco Hyper-Flex and HP Moonshot.

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