Is There Such a Thing as Voice Mail Etiquette?

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Pet Peeve Alert! Yes, this is one of those things that drives me crazy. Especially in the business world. What am I talking about? Voice Mail. Why don't people use it? I get calls all the time. That being the case, I may be on call with another customer and will receive a 2nd call. I am a courteous person and will continue my conversation with the person I am already on the call with and let the 2nd call go to voice mail. Except, and here's the rub, the other person calling? Doesn't leave a voice mail! Or worse, leaves a voice mail but doesn't say anything, just static. McFly? Why? It was obviously important enough to call me. So why then, don't they leave a voice mail? Do they assume since we have caller id today that I will call back? Sure, I can do that. Until I call back the caller id number and get the main switchboard at one of my customers where I know 5 or more people. I have no clue who called. So please, leave me a voice mail to clear up the mystery!