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What we do. has been synonymous with terms like Citrix, VDI, Microsoft and VMware for many years. In the past, if you were an end user customer, or a VAR looking to augment your team around VDI projects, Geeksultant was the place to call. That is still true today. The good news, we’ve expanded and now offer services for many other technologies as well.

Geeksultant is a premier provider of IT consultants for all virtual technology projects such as Citrix, Microsoft and VMware directly to our end-user customers. If you need assistance implementing these and other technologies, give us a call, we’re here to assist. Our customer direct rates are very competitive and we provide that high end service you are looking for.

Our 2nd mission is that Geeksultant augments VARs (Value Add Resellers) by providing services to both the VAR and their customers. Geeksultant can provide pre-sales expertise to the VAR around product lines for which they may not have internal resources. Along with pre-sales, our consultants can also implement and support those product lines for the VARs customers. Our B2B (Business to Business) rates are some of the best in the industry allowing the VAR to resell our services with favorable profit margins in mind.

In other words, we can help you grow your business by becoming an extension of your team. The best part, no employee costs, no office costs.

We provide services around many technologies, including Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper, Nutanix and many others to our partner VARs and to our direct customers.

Companies such as Coca Cola, AT&T, Manheim, Comcast, McCormick, PBS&J, Hoffman La Roche, Brown & Root, Inc., Halliburton Energy Services and many lesser-known companies have relied upon our consultants skills and judgment to direct and grow their I.T. infrastructures, mission-critical applications and business models. Our integrity and work ethic are two components that ensure our clients receive solutions that make sense financially, technologically and are a sound investment for the future.

Who leads these experts? Geeksultant is the home of Kai Guettner, The Geeksultant! A world class Consultant, Systems Engineer and Systems Architect!

Kai, along with his team of certified consultants, provide consulting services for Cisco, Citrix, Fortinet, Microsoft, VMware, Juniper and more!

If you don't see your product listed, give us a call, we support hundreds of different vendors and solutions.

Worldwide availability for assessments, projects and emergencies!

Call Geeksultant for your current needs and your next project. 1-770-559-1492 - If no answer, please leave a detailed message or email us at - The Geeksultant will get back to you A.S.A.P.!

You will not be disappointed!

Check out Kai's LinkedIn Profile!

Citrix To Stop Supporting Certain Microsoft OS's With Future XenApp / XenDesktop Release


In order to provide the best-possible user experience, future XenApp and XenDesktop releases will focus on modern operating systems.

For details -->

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Geeksultant Now Part of Citrix Insiders


What is Citrix Insiders?

A new online panel of Citrix's valued customers and partners (like you) who participate in short research activities.

Get involved in product and concept feedback and ideation, online forums, and see how your feedback influences Citrix decisions.

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As always, for all of your Citrix, Microsoft and VMware needs, Geeksultant is your I.T. Consultant of Choice!

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Geeksultant Certified On New Citrix Cloud Service Offerings


Geeksultant is now certified to sell, deploy and service three new exciting cloud services from Citrix!

Citrix NetScaler Service
Citrix Sharefile Service
Citrix XenApp Service

For more information contact us at or call us at 770-559-1492

As always, Geeksultant, Your I.T. Consultant of Choice!

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Citrix Announces Vulnerability In NetScaler - All Models


Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in Citrix NetScaler ADC and NetScaler Gateway Management Interface has been identified.

Customers should patch their systems as soon as possible.

More info -->

Geeksultant and it's team of NetScaler certified consultants are available to assist you in mitigating this issue. or call us 770-559-1492

Geeksultant - Your I.T. Consultant of Choice.

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Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway Does It All


Need to access a full VPN? NetScaler Unified Gateway does it.

Need to access a clientless VPN, such as from Thin Clients? NetScaler Unified Gateway does it.

Need to access VDI desktops and published applications without a VPN? NetScaler Unified Gateway does it.

No matter your remote access requirements, no matter how secure they need to be, NetScaler Unified Gateway does it.

Call or email us now for a live demo and a discussion around capabilities, versions and pricing.

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Citrix Releases XenApp/XenDesktop LTSR 7.15


Citrix, as of 8/15/2017 - has released 7.15 LTSR - Long Term Service Release for both XenApp and XenDesktop.

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How To Setup a Jump Server With Old Version of Java for Older Version NetScaler GUI access


Yesterday, while trying to review the GUI configuration on a NetScaler running firmware 10.1, I was
unable to access it from any modern browser (IE 11, Edge, Chrome and Firefox) or the current 8.x
version of Java. Tried from my Windows 10 workstation and from some 2012R2 and 2008R2 servers.
To access the NetScaler GUI with these older version of 10.x and prior firmware, you’ll need a 7.x Java
version and IE 11 (with no updates) or earlier.

Here is how I finally created a jump server that works.

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Why I Love XenServer


One of my biggest pet peeves with VMware VCenter and Hyper-V VMM (Virtual Machine Manager) is the remote console feature of the virtual machines. Often, there is some underlying reason (Java, HTML5, Flash, etc) that the remote console does not work. With Citrix's XenServer, I have never had that issue. No matter what endpoint I install the XenCenter client on, it just works. That's a huge relief when providing remote assistance for customers who have XenServer. I know that I'll be able to get to the virtual machines.

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Geeksultant Now NetScaler Gateway Cloud Service Certified!


We are proud to announce that we have achieved NetScaler Gateway Service certification!

What is NetScaler Gateway Service? Glad you asked. It's NetScaler Gateway as a services - NGaaS.

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As always, for all of your Citrix, VMware and Microsoft needs, The Geeksultant is only a phone call away.

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What's New XenApp and XenDesktop 7.14.1


What every Citrix admin wants to know .....

Citrix has published XenApp and XenDesktop 7.14.1 - Why so quickly after the release of 7.14? Well, there was/is a bug in the ISO for 7.14.

So, no sweat - upgrade to 7.14.1 and you'll be golden!

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The Geeksultant

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